Queen Bezzels & Mixed Breed Bianca Release Hot Single “Wait Till You See My”

Music artists Mixed Breed Bianca and Queen Bezzels release new single “Wait Till You See My” , a remix of the original Yin Yang twins “Whisper Song”. The song true to its form features the original creators the Yin Yang
Twins on the revamped 2020 version.

Queen Bezzels says on her upcoming plans, “My goal is to create a lane for underprivileged artist and people that have a passion for the arts and music. I would love to offer services and guidance to anyone willing to listen and learn. Me and my partner would love to become the next violator Management and host several talented artist with launching their brands and promoting their artistic side. We plan to create many opportunities to local communities when we bring in these live shows and help artist create an independence so that they can help establish others and keep the money that is greatly made from our music without the bigger labels taking advantage of these under compensated artist.”

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