[Hot Or Not] Gwalla sos – Casamigos (feat. Semaj 1017)

Gwalla sos is a rising star hailing from Long Island NY. The undeniably hot artist has been establishing himself as one of the dopest talents in the game. His voice and bravado is unmistakably New York, his singles “Casa Migos” ” and “IDGAF” has been spinning on every block.

The uncompromising rapper delivers fire verses over hard hitting drill beats that shakes the room soon as it comes on. Gwalla Sos is super authentic and his raps stem from his everyday life experiences. Since I’ve been keeping up with Gwalla Sos, its safe to say I haven’t heard him miss yet, whether it be a video or a single.

Gwalla is also known for his trendy fashion and style in addition to his catchy lyrics and hooks. Its been rumblings about him dropping a new project but, hey lets wait and see. Coming from where he come from moving from state to state if you know him that’s where he takes advantage to give a more north and down south type of sound. His inspiration when it comes to music is Meek Mill , and future where the two artist are most relatable to his story.

Gwalla sos is stand out artist and his sound is a game changer to the game with his styling word play and flashy swag that he puts out in his music and he’s the next big thing coming STAY TUNED !

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